Nibbler ERC
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Welcome to the Nibbler whitepaper, a guide that will extensively introduce you to this project, which is as much ours as it is yours, and which aims to become one of the most relevant on the memecoin scene.
Nibbler is a memecoin that pays homage to the character with the same name from the show Futurama. Cute, clever, and mysterious, Nibbler is a character that fits easily into the meme culture loved by cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Our vision includes developing an NFT collection with rewards for its holders, creating Eternium: an AI-powered ecosystem of digital tools, and, of course, exposing cryptocurrencies to the world. We believe that meme currencies are an exceptional way to generate mass adoption for the crypto movement.
We are delighted to present all our plans to you in more detail in the following sections, so join us! Our hyperspace journey has just begun!
Last modified 5mo ago